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Multi-lead by Bashto

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Important! Camouflage Leash is only available in 2.5 or 3 cm width

Multipurpose Leash is perfect because you can easily regulate its length. It can be long, short and middle and it is suitable for different activities 

This durable, high-quality leash features a snap hooks at each end, two fixed rings on the non-handle end and one smaller ring that is used to make a handle. 

  • it can serve as a coupler. If you want to walk two dogs at the same time attach both snap hooks to collars or harnesses of your pets and hold the leash at the middle as a handle
  • you can regulate the length of this leash without many problems
  • control your pet with your hands free. Just wrap it around your waist or shoulder

Length is considered when the leash is folded. Snap hooks are not included in the length.