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PRE~ORDER PRICE - A VERY LIMITED AMOUNT ARRIVING mid to late June. The flirt pole is a a fantastic training and exercise tool. It works by converting the natural prey drive instinct in your dogs into exercise as they attempt to catch the lure by sprinting,changing direction,and jumping! It is also a great obedience training tool to teach release commands drop-it, leave-it etc... The durable pole is made of 304 stainless steel which is sturdy and can withstand heavy duty use. It comes in two sections, it is convenient to send, store and carry and it is easy to setup, The non-slip rubber handle is ergonomic and comfortable.
The reinforced, durable nylon chord is able to bear 15 tons pulling force. The strong NON-Bungee cord won’t snap back into your face or groin 🥴
The Flirt Pole comes with the handmade fleece tether toy as a lure(not a chew toy),which is soft and machine washable.The flirt pole's special attachment mechanism holds the toy securely without the use of metal that may injure your dog's mouth! the luring toy is interchangeable and I recommend the use of a natural cow hide attachment which is FREE and included in all pre-orders.