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In Dog We Trust

IN DOG WE TRUST AUSTRALIA IS CLOSED FOR 2021. The current flooding in Qld has prompted me to close a few weeks early. All orders placed prior to today, 3rd December have been accepted and are being made, or are currently in the delayed mail system due to extreme flooding in our immediate area. To order all Bashto products while IDWTAU is on holiday, please go directly to and place your order with Nikolina, just as you would with me. I am unable to process hide atm due to the rain, cloud cover and sheer amount of moisture in the air. My socials remain open, and you are welcome to contact me through IG, FB, or email me directly at Thank you so much for your incredible support this year. Despite my severe ADHD, you have all helped me to navigate my way through something completely new and challenging and I am definitely learning new skills and coping strategies. I also need to take time off to focus on my dogs and the work I have yet to do with them, and for them. The most important thing at the end of the day, is your mental health. Take the time for self care, when you need it and how you need it. BE BRAVE. LOYALTY IS ROYALTY. NEVER QUIT. See you all in 2022, with a new and exciting store lay out, new products and services and a whole lotta Heavy Duty Beauty for you and your dogs. Stay safe, and Merry Christmas if that's your thing x