Thanks for taking the time to explore my little website. My name is Angie Darling and I am the owner and operator of In Dog We Trust, registered as IDWTAU.

In Dog We Trust is tiny business operated from my home in rural Australia. My usual role is in health care, and I’m lucky to be able to take some time out from that to focus on my own health and happiness and spend time with my husband, my family and of course MY DOGS! 

I’m particularly interested in canine fitness and conditioning and I'm also really passionate about responsible containment and management of high drive dogs. I am the owner of a few too many high drive hunting and stock protection dogs and what was once an interest has turned into a passion. 

Initially I began processing cow hide for my own dogs to use in their fitness and play routines. I soon discovered there was a demand for it in the wider canine fitness community. 

I became frustrated with the lack of options for strong, long lasting basics like collars and bull snaps and exhausted my options as far as buying locally made products that could safely withstand the demands of high drive dogs on chain spots.

I was being asked by friends and family "What would you recommend?" "What do you use?"  I decided to start a small business to provide exactly that! These are the products that I use and recommend. All of the products sold on the website, Facebook page and Instagram through IN DOG WE TRUST have literally been tried and tested to the extreme, and have not failed me. 

My husband helps me with processing the hides which are sourced locally from a small scale butcher. They are hung and stretched in the sun, cleaned of excess fat, rinsed in lots of fresh water. I am lucky to live in an area where the conditions for drying hides in the warm sun and air are perfect! After a couple of weeks, the hides are dried and ready to be cut into pieces to be used for spring pole, flirt pole, treadmill lures, teeth cleaners and more!

Blackheart & Darling (my husband and I) also breed and raise critically endangered heritage poultry. If you like rare and beautiful chickens, then please go and check out IN CHOOK WE TRUST.