Heavy Duty Dog Collars

These are exceptionally strong, hand built, heavy duty collars for strong dogs. 


 Heavy Duty Bashto collars are made out from High Quality Polypropylene webbing (Nylon)

  • with UV protection - it won´t bleed
  • 4-5 layers sewn together - around 7 mm thick
  • tensile strength for one webbing is approx. 500 daN (approx. 500 kg)


  • High-quality buckles are made out of Steel, surface finish: Chrome plated or stainless steel where opted. 
  • Metal D-rings are welded and will resists deformation and guarantees maximum strength. Made out from Steel with nickel plated surface finish, brass or stainless steel. 
  • Eyelets used are Brass material, nickel free or stainless steel where stated. 

Some hardware options are NOT Stainless Steel which means that RUST can appear if collar is used in salty water or often wet. 

For dogs with sensitive skin, a history of collar rub, or a thin coat I would recommend  choosing a padded (lined) collar. 

 Care and washing:

  • Simply put the collar in a pillow case and into the washing machine on a gentle (delicate) cycle  (40 degrees Celsius).
  • AIR DRY ONLY - Do not place into a clothes dryer or attempt to dry with a hair dryer or any heating device. 

Embroidery isn't resistant to constant scratching so please be aware that it can be pulled out if your dog loves a good scratch on the daily. Any thread that comes out can be trimmed and you can use a lighter to burn and stop threading.

To understand Primary and Secondary colour choices: