Classic Collar Collection

Classic Collars

Martingales, Limited Slip, Slip or just simple side release buckle collars? These collars are everyday wear simple, but yet special custom made, unique ones

Also called no-slip or limited-slip collars, are a type of dog collar that provides more control than a typical flat collar, and prevent dogs from backing or slipping out. The collar works by constricting when the dog pulls on the leash.
Tension on the leash causes the smaller loop to tighten, which in turn pulls the larger loop tighter—but not too tight! Martingale collars are adjustable, and should not tighten past the width of the dog’s neck. They offer comfortable security without harming your dog. Highly recommended as training collar for sensitive dog who doesn't require much correction.

No Buckle Slide:
These collars are made without buckle to avoid bulk. Collar is adjustable, but it need to be slide open to be able to slip over the head. Just tighten the slide again for a snug fit. Perfect for small necks that can cope with wide collars. 

Limited Slip:
Like Martingale collars, Limited Slip collars are designed to tighten when your dog pulls on the leash. Unlike Martingale collars, limited slip collars only pull on one side and tend to lay flatter when not being pulled. 

Often called choke collars, these collars are intended for training purposes only. When training a dog to walk on a leash and heel, corrections are made with a quick tug on the leash, causing it to close somewhat on the dog’s neck. There is no limit to how tight a slip collar can get, so this option is best for handlers who are confident and skilled in the use of slip collars. Dog's require slow and gentle training with slip leads, and they are not recommended for dogs who pull hard naturally (APBT, Staffordshire etc).

Side Release Buckle: 
Plastic buckle are very strong side-release (three-prong) buckle is designed to prevent the webbing from slipping. The special shape of the middle crossbar keeps the webbing in place, so that it can be used without a slide buckle fastener, making it ideal for creation of quality harness for various sports activities. Breaking load: 55 kg
Metal side release buckle is your clear choice for premium products. Prime quality material and finish will give your product the required strength and the mirror like finish is a luxury hallmark. One-hand closing and opening of the buckle is a snap! The buckle has rounded edges and a slight bend, which makes it particularly suitable for dog collars. Breaking load: 100 kg


They are made out:

  • High Quality Polypropylene webbing (Nylon) with UV protection - it won´t bleed
  • High-quality hardware is made out of Steel, surface finish: Chrome plated, Brass, Stainless steel...
  • Metal D-rings are welded and will resists deformation and guarantees maximum strength. 

    For dogs with Sensitive neck or thin coat I would recommend to choose padded (lined) collar. Minky is type of extra soft fleece, extra quality and soft. Softshell is fabric similar to neoprene, not waterproof but water resistant, easy to clean and will not absorb water instantly. 

     Care and washing:

    • Simply put the collar in a pillow case and into the washing machine, gently circle (40 degrees Celsius). Collar need to be air dried. 

    Embroidery isn't resistant to constant scratching so please be aware that it can be pulled out if your dog scratches. Any thread that comes out can be trimmed and you can use a lighter to burn and stop threading.